head pieces

Hmm. I have yet to dye my hair pink. Hmm. This gets me thinking.


Love me the most when i least deserve it.
(Because that is when I really need it). 

Via Le fashion

Just another moment


We. Are. Very. Very. Confusing

We want equal pay. But we want YOU to pay. 
We hate other strong powerful women. Unless she is less attractive than us. 
We want to be treated equally. But we want you to open doors for us. 

We're the worst in the bedroom. We want you to do all the work. Truth is, it doesn't really matter who takes charge, Chances are we'll change our mind half way through anyway. 

The way i see it, feminism has become a joke. Women demand alot and aren't willing to give up much. We need to pick a side

Side A: Equality. In every sense of the word. We earn the same, we contribute the same.
Side B: We recognise that men and women are not the same and different rules will apply.

That is the end of my feminist (and yes, it is feminist) rant. 


Lucky You

A book full of life's little awesomeness-es:

Just like;
The feeling you get when you finish a really good book,
The excitement as the lights dim at the cinema, 
Realising it's the weekend,

And it happens;
The moment before you kiss someone for the first time.  
Whilst looking at old photographs with friends, 
When you realise you NEVER got a parking fine
As you smell sunscreen and freshly cut grass and know, summer is coming....


Rock Stars do it.

Common sense is not so common.