Give, and you shall receive?

I waited on a table today who didn't give me anything in tips. Bastards. Not to worry. They apologised and I politely responded that it had been my pleasure. Their excuse for going tip-free was that they paid on a platiunum credit card).As i waved them goodbye (yes, i ACTUALLY waved) It only then occured to me that i had lied. To be honest, had i been playing the card game, 'Bulshit'? I would have had a huge, fat stack of cards sitting in my lap in that moment.

I've been wondering a bit lately (read: alot). Is the only reason we give; to receive? If we aren't getting out what we put in, should we continue to give? Im going to be brave and be really honest. I would not have been as out-of-my-way friendly had i known they would not tip. 

Truth is, i really do believe is that giving never disadvantanges the doner. In fact, giving ensures you have more chances of being able to receive. If you don't get back everytime, thats ok. Because you're already 10 up on the people who wait for good things to happen to them.


Cruelty against women? Australia says NO

Sometimes magazines ruin fashion for me. Maybe its because I know they're trying to sell me everything they show. Or maybe its because everyone who reads them, ends up looking the same. 

Lets be honest here. Even if you are wearing the coolest look, if the person next to you is wearing the same thing...  The minute you're told to get the "Can't-function-limbs-without" garment, RUN! In fact sprint as fast as your little demin clad body will go, and head directly to the nearest safe home or contact a friend or relative. Immediately. Cruelty against women? Australia says NO. 

Hello Spring. Its been a while. I like what you've done with....

The days are getting a little longer and the sun a little stronger (better, faster?). and in honour, im going to make my own little private toast to the beginnings of spring and beg, that my heater (who is on her death bed) will hold on till then. SALUT!



These are just some pictures from my home/homes. I've always found it easier to function in organised mess. Karl Lagerfeld believes if everything were organised perfectly and in a place, we'd never be able to find what we were looking for. Feel free to read into that comment.

Numero Uno.

Welcome to this blog of daily what-nots and jibberjabs. Can't say i know exactly what jibberjabs and what-nots are. But thats something we're all just going to have to live with. 

Some of you may know me already but majority of you don't. If not, that isn't really a problem because this blog, Missing Saigon isn't about me. Its about what-nots and jibberjabs. In fact, the content of this blog may even be as befuddling as the title itself. You're probably wondering how the hell you got navigated away from facebook/decent blog and onto this site about a war-torn city from yesteryear... All i can say is sorry, promise to dish out some decent content and provide you with the name of somebody who is willing to assist.